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Installing Mugen and characters
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Installing Mugen and characters

Ok this is how you install characters in mugen. First go to data/select.cfg and it will show a screen look down for notepad the click ok. The it will look like this:Then write the characters name under where it says insert characters here.Thats all there is to it.

;Insert characters here
;Use the format:
; charname, stagefilename
;eg. For a player with filename "kfm",
; and stage filename "stages/mybg.def"
; kfm, stages/mybg.def
;If you want to load a different def file, you can enter it
;as a directory plus the def file. This example loads up
; kfm/alt-kfm.def, stages/mgbg.def

This is how you install MUGEN. You will need winzip download it at Then after you have winzip go to in my links. After you have download MUGEN winzip will pop up and click I agree. Then go to File wizard and keep on clicking next. Then Mugen will pod out make a new folder for Mugen and thats it.(I SUGEST YOU PRINT THIS)THIS IS ONLY FOR WINDOWS SORRY.